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Waterford Aviation: Offering Customer Service Driven Maintenance

At Waterford Aviation our goal is to provide complete aircraft maintenance support whether it is a tire change, engine repair/overhaul, or annual inspection. We strive to make maintaining your aircraft stress-free by offering a multitude of services with flexibility to meet your schedule and needs. As an aircraft owner/operator, here are some of the ways we strive to meet your needs:


Many shops only offer hours Monday-Friday, and you must fit into their schedule. While we have regular business hours (6am-6pm M-F), we also have mechanics on-call and available 24/7. And our schedule is meant to serve you, meaning that you tell us when you need the airplane in for service, and we adjust our schedule to get you in – no questions asked!


We all know that aviation is not a low-cost endeavor. Since you have already invested the money to own/operate an aircraft, we see it as our job to help you maintain that investment in the most affordable means possible. We do this by offering low labor rates ($65/hour – piston or turbine), competitive parts & consumable prices, and a discerning eye to keep repair costs at a minimum.


One of the biggest fears that owner/operators have with maintenance shops is that once the plane enters the hangar for work they are powerless to control what happens to their airplane. Many shops/mechanics “hold hostage” the aircraft and dictate what will and won’t happen during maintenance. Our approach is to put the owner/operator in the driver’s seat and give them complete control of what does or does not happen to their aircraft from the moment the airplane enters the hangar. Every step of the process is OK’d before any work is accomplished. This not only puts you as the owner at ease about the work being done, but it also helps eliminate surprises when the bill arrives at the end of the job!


Waterford Aviation has a fixed base of operations on the Oakland County Airport where we serve the entire southeast Michigan area. Our approach is unique compared to most FBO’s. Typically you must bring your aircraft to the facility to have the work done, and it is uncommon for maintenance facilities to send mechanics to your airplane or even pick it up and deliver it from the T-hangars (or at least without a service charge). Once again our goal is simplicity for the owner/operator. We offer free T-Hangar pick-up and delivery service for planes based at KPTK. If you are based off-airport from KPTK and cannot bring your plane to us, then we are glad to come to you! Our mechanics are mobile and can be sent right to your location at any time.